Didactic English - 2019

Introduction to the present coaching Guide


The present guide falls inside the framework of a group of coaching comes union by the Moroccan Ministry of Education, education, and coaching and research, through the Central Unit of workers coaching and also the English language Coordination for the advantage of Moroccan Middle-school and Secondary-qualifying lecturers. This guide thinks about with 2 modules: Teaching Methodology and Textbook. whereas performing on the modules the team members maintained specialize in each the theoretical and sensible aspects of the current manual. The intent is to bridge the gap between theory and application.

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Didactic English - 2019
The theoretical half takes the shape of mini-courses. The aim is to produce the participants with relevant theoretical background info concerning the topics in terms of construct shaping, general underlying principles, theoretical insights, etc. the target is to urge the participants to activate and use their teaching expertise concerning the target contents and pave the approach for the sensible dimension of the coaching course.

The practical aspect – that is predicted to run the lion’s share- suggests a good vary of tasks and activities meant to involve the trainees in individual, combine and / or cluster work comes. The intention is to make opportunities for lecturers to use the theoretical acquisition in additional sensible tasks and activities, reflect, analyze, discuss and are available up with their tasks and activities and so reinforce their teaching skills,

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