Features of Cloud Computing technology

Cloud computing provides a straightforward thanks to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the net. It's known as cloud computing as a result of the knowledge being accessed is found in "the cloud" and doesn't need a user to be in an exceedingly specific place to achieve access to it. this kind of system permits staff to figure remotely. you'll access as several resources as you would like, virtually instantly, and solely get what you utilize.  servers, operative systems, storage, or perhaps individual application capabilities, with the doable exception of restricted user-specific application configuration settings. There are a couple of ideas regarding Cloud computing that we want to stay in mind.

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 Features of Cloud Computing technology 

Cloud Self Services On Demand Self Service 

For example, if your IT team were to return fraught to feature or modification software system, platforms or infrastructure and build them out there to your users, they must be able to build these additions instantly.

Ubiquitous Network Access

It is promptly accessible for anyone with net access. you'll access it anytime, from anyplace.
 all of your team wants is an online association and that they will log in and use all their enterprise applications and systems, as well as all their knowledge and resources from any location. this could be very important for remote employees, like salespeople on the road United Nations agency are attempting to shut that quarter-defining sale.

Location clear Resource Pooling 

By pooling your resources in an exceedingly cloud you'll utilize your software system, platforms, and infrastructure through shared services, permitting your users to urge the foremost out of your assets. Pooling ways embody the likes of information storage services, process services, and information measure provision services. This provides Brobdingnagian economies of scale for organizations and provides the means that to actually embrace the worldwide workplace. As your force shuts down for the day on one aspect of the planet, your team on the opposite aspect will rise up and continue performing on a similar platforms, applications, and infrastructure. The cloud permits you to sweat your assets from anyplace.

Rapid snap 

The ability to auto-scale within the cloud eliminates abundant of the danger related to scoping necessities for technology comes. With ancient environments on premise, if you under-scope the look for associate degree surroundings and therefore the demands on that prove more than expected, you lose revenue. Conversely, if you over-scope and sales ar less than expected, you increase prices unnecessarily. the power to scale your infrastructure at can permits you to style environments with a degree of confidence not out there with ancient models.

Measured Pay per Use 

Resource usage may be monitored, controlled, and reportable, providing transparency for each the supplier and shopper of the used service. additionally, this enables for a far a lot of certain and closely-controlled technique of economic accounting, moving from Cap-Ex to Op-Ex budgeting.

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 Features of Cloud Computing technology 
whereas you provision and use what you would like via an online application. Web-based email and Salesforce, an internet sales management are samples of software system as a Service. Proper, consistent management of this service is that the key to success. in step with analysis conducted by business consultant firm Forrester, the cloud computing market is anticipated to achieve $191 billion by the year 2020.

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